It was 1916, that Trinity Stadium, home of the Haverhill High School Athletic Programs in Haverhill, MA was built. It is only fitting that Aulson LLC of Methuen MA partnered with A.H. Harris, also originated in 1916, to provide materials and services for this project. The scope of work on the renovation includes; demolition, full and partial depth, horizontal and vertical concrete repair, site work and vertical and horizontal waterproof coatings.

Aulson LLC under the direction of Project Manager Craig Roy and Project Superintendent, Justin Shook provided a multifaceted approach to this project. Utilizing their hydro-demolition, concrete construction, shotcrete and coatings crews, Aulson was able to move the project forward in spite of some engineering and logistic delays. Having the variety of talent as part of the company’s team approach eliminated delays often times a result of sub contractor scheduling.20161025_085204-1.jpg

The partnership with A.H. Harris was a key ingredient to meeting the schedule. Our commitment to the industry for 100 years has resulted in a level of service, industry know-how and product offering that is second to none. We too have a multifaceted approach to getting the job done. One call to A.H. Harris mobilizes a network of 642 industry professionals with an average tenure of 8 years. There is no equal!

At Trinity Stadium the Harris Team or Trinity (A.H. Harris, HarmacKenseal) serviced the project. A.H. Harris in tandem with HarMac provided over 24 tons of reinforcing along with shop drawings. We were quickly able to address the inevitable changes in elevation and scope of work our team was able to promptly turn around revisions; eliminating delays.20161012_085920-1.jpg

Our  A.H. Harris Forming and Shoring group provided over 1,000 sf of shoring from 17’ to 33’ heights as well as engineering and drawings. The FSD team also provided over 3,000 sf of form rental with layout drawings. Relying on our know-how and vast product knowledge, we brought Shelter Enterprises into the equation and provided approximately 1,000 cubic ft of custom geofoam blocks with a finish plywood face. In the areas of full depth repair, the Shelter Enterprises blocks were used to create the bottom side of the stadium seating profile. These blocks saved time and money eliminating hours of job built forming, lumber, and the costs associated with each.

But wait there’s more! With the Division 7 Waterproofing materials addition the Kenseal team brings to A.H. Harris Team, we are finishing the project with sealants, deck coating and vertical wall coatings.

The A.H. Harris team was able to service this project by utilizing 5 different locations. We have provided 58 different products giving Craig and Justin the confidence to make Just One Call.