ASI Constructors, Pueblo, CO recently completed the Birdhaven Lake Emergency Spillway project at Bryce Resort located in Bayse, VA. In addition to various construction consumables serviced and supplied from the Charlottesville A.H. Harris branch, ASI utilized multiple forming solutions in construction of left and right side walls, spillway slab and ogee.

The Harris 1500 wall system was configured two sided straight walls and battered with one sided chemically anchored 15 and 20 mm ties in either CIP concrete or where footing was not available in existing bedrock. Meva STB Support Frames and Harris 1500 anchored in bed rock was cast one sided first lift of 19’ tall with the technical partnership of Simpson Strong Tie. To assure required pull out resistance was adequate, Simpson sent their personnel to the site to simulate anchorage in the rock material that will be in place at the base of the wall pour. Simpson Set-XP and 20mm Dywidag rod was tested to 44,000#’s of pull out where 30,000#’s were required prior to the successful wall placements.

ASI / Birdhaven Project Profile

Some job site pictures with Harris equipment

To complete the project, ASI formed the ogee structure with Harris 1500 upstream formwork chemically anchored in the CIP slab with Meva Arcus radius system horizontally placed on ogee profile supported with she bolt cone ties anchored to CIP slab.

ASI Constructors Personnel:

  • Randall Herrle, Project Superintendent
  • Tristan Proffet, Regional Construction Manager

Simpson Strong Tie Personnel:

  • Gary Engleman, Senior Technical Sales Representative
  • Justin Streim, P.E. Field Engineer

A.H. Harris Personnel:

  • Chad Campbell, Account Manager
  • Jay Desai, Technical Group Leader
  • Tom Conlon, Forming and Shoring Sales Specialist