[By Michael Griffin & Tad Spiller]

The A.H. Harris team is proud to be recognized as the supplier of choice to Reed & Reed Inc. on the Bath Viaduct project. MaineDOT recently awarded Reed & Reed the $13.75 million contract to replace the West Approach Bridge in Bath. The bridge carries RT-1 traffic through Bath onto the Sagadahoc Bridge over the Kennebec River. Work includes the demolition of the old 1200 LF viaduct superstructure and 19 pier shafts. 19 new cast-in-place concrete pier shafts will be constructed on the existing footings. Precast concrete pier caps, weighing 60 tons, will be erected and grouted in place. The new superstructure consists of 80 precast concrete beams, weighing 50 tons each. Closures between beams will be made using Ultra-High-Performance Concrete, with strengths of 20,000 PSI.  The wearing surface will be membrane and pavement.

Originally expected to wrap up by Memorial Day, reconstruction of the viaduct could conclude about two weeks ahead of schedule. For the latest pictures of the project head over to Maine.gov and for a short clip check out WCSH6. The viaduct has served as a vital transportation link since its erection in 1958. In 2006, MaineDOT replaced the surface of the Viaduct in hopes of extending the life of the structure for ten years. Ten years later, MaineDOT is about to undertake the construction of a new Bath Viaduct that has been designed to last for 100 years. With 18,000 vehicles traveling across the Viaduct daily, minimizing disruption to motorists, businesses and residents is a top priority for MDOT.

According to their website, “Reed & Reed, Inc is one of northern New England’s largest and most versatile general contractors. Founded as a bridge building firm in 1928 by Captain Josiah W. Reed and his son Carlton Day Reed, the company has prospered under four generations of family leadership to build a long-standing reputation as one of Northern New England’s top heavy contractors.”

For many years, A.H. Harris and Reed & Reed have partnered on Bridge, Wind, & Hydro Projects. In fact, the Bath Viaduct is an excellent illustration of Reed’s “Partnering Initiatives” demonstrated by taking part with MaineDOT  in the design of the Viaduct replacement prior to award of the project. This effort established a cooperative effort from day one, bringing the project at this point, ahead of schedule, focused on safety, and orchestrated with precision.  Harris’ role as supplier of choice to Reed & Reed is based on trust and reliability. Daryl Harvey and team out of the Harris Augusta, ME branch provide quality and consistency for every need that Reed & Reed has on every project. (related: Harris Road & Bridge Solutions)

[Sources: Reed & Reed, Maine.gov, A.H. Harris]