When Capital One decided to create a massive community for their workers and clients, the company knew it would need top products and service. Building a building “that would accommodate [the] growth” of a multi-billion dollar company takes diligence, patience, and the superb customer service that one can expect from Kenseal.

Our advanced products for this project came from Dow Corning and are some of the most durable structural sealants in the United States.

Dow Corning 983 SGS and Dow Corning 795 are simple, strong application sealants that will protect the Capital One building from water and thermal damage.

The contractor that headed this project, Anthony King with Enclos, has partnered with us for the past fifteen years, saying that our services are exactly what he needs for every project. “I have nothing but good things to say about Kenseal…they do what they say and say what they do.”

Because sealing and glazing glass can be extensive and intricate, our knowledgeable staff is prepared and trained to provide expert advice on any design and/or weather challenges. The fact of the matter is that when someone builds the tallest office building in Northern Virginia, they will make sure they have the best products and service to complete the job. That’s why they choose Kenseal!