Project Profile “Birdhaven Lake Emergency Spillway” (ASI Constructors)

ASI Constructors, Pueblo, CO recently completed the Birdhaven Lake Emergency Spillway project at Bryce Resort located in Bayse, VA. In addition to various construction consumables serviced and supplied from the Charlottesville A.H. Harris branch, ASI utilized multiple forming solutions in construction of left and right side walls, spillway slab and ogee.

The Harris 1500 wall system was configured two sided straight walls and battered with one sided chemically anchored 15 and 20 mm ties in either CIP concrete or where footing was not available in existing bedrock. Meva STB Support Frames and Harris 1500 anchored in bed rock was cast one sided first lift of 19’ tall with the technical partnership of Simpson Strong Tie. To assure required pull out resistance was adequate, Simpson sent their personnel to the site to simulate anchorage in the rock material that will be in place at the base of the wall pour. Simpson Set-XP and 20mm Dywidag rod was tested to 44,000#’s of pull out where 30,000#’s were required prior to the successful wall placements.

ASI / Birdhaven Project Profile

Some job site pictures with Harris equipment

To complete the project, ASI formed the ogee structure with Harris 1500 upstream formwork chemically anchored in the CIP slab with Meva Arcus radius system horizontally placed on ogee profile supported with she bolt cone ties anchored to CIP slab.

ASI Constructors Personnel:

  • Randall Herrle, Project Superintendent
  • Tristan Proffet, Regional Construction Manager

Simpson Strong Tie Personnel:

  • Gary Engleman, Senior Technical Sales Representative
  • Justin Streim, P.E. Field Engineer

A.H. Harris Personnel:

  • Chad Campbell, Account Manager
  • Jay Desai, Technical Group Leader
  • Tom Conlon, Forming and Shoring Sales Specialist

Harris & Kenseal go Global!

The Kenseal marketing department received a request via their website from an overseas contractor interested in partnering on a new project. The lead was passed to the Kenseal Baltimore team who hit the ground running.

The U.S. government-owned Shouson Hills Residential Compound in Hong Kong consists of 24 units in six towers. The buildings underwent a major renovation in 2010, but exhibited water leaks in the roofs and around the windows in the years following the rehabilitation creating safety concerns for the occupants. Earlier this year, a construction company based in Turkey took on a project to repair these buildings.

This company submitted a request to partner with Kenseal on this unique project. Vernon Bell, a member of the Baltimore inside sales team, followed up with the potential customer to learn more about his needs and offer additional information on Kenseal’s specialties and the diversity of their products. The conversation led to the uncovering of many opportunities and the beginning of a great partnership. For the Shouson Hills buildings, the Kenseal team supplied their valued customer with:

In addition to these products, Kenseal also worked closely with A.H. Harris to offer an even greater depth of materials including Mapelastic™ 315Mapei Mesh Roll and Hilti Kwik Bolt 3.

Our valued customer was very pleased with our combined team’s exceptional service stating, “We appreciated your work and were happy to work with you. We completed our procurements for the Hong Kong project. However, we are bidding new projects for the US Government… Whenever we are awarded, you would be our solution partner as you were in our Hong Kong project.”

Kenseal and Harris pride themselves on putting our customers needs first. We have built trusted relationships with the industry’s top manufacturers allowing us access to the best brands in the industry. The recent Harris/Kenseal partnership has further increased the depth of our product portfolio, enabling our combined team to even better service our customers. We may be East Coast based, however, we have the means and products to support construction projects across the globe!

Kenseal Construction Products distributes quality innovative product lines to the waterproofing, sealant, glazing and concrete/masonry restoration markets. Founded in 1977, Kenseal has become one of the largest specialty construction product distributors in the country. Kenseal has 13 stocking locations located along the East Coast to ensure rapid order fulfillment. Their sales team is thoroughly trained to find solutions to the most challenging construction projects.

Project Profile: S. Mildred Long Bridge

As we follow the progress of the construction of the new S. Mildred Long Bridge (named after my father’s 1st cousin) in Portsmouth, NH we have reached a significant milestone, as the new structure takes its shape, and rises up, out of the Piscataqua River, while demolition of the old bridge has begun in earnest.

Last week, the middle section (224’ lift span) of the old bridge was removed and floated away on barges. Beyond that feat, the work has begun to dismantle the lift towers (top down process) which should be completed by Christmas. As the picture (to the right) shows, the new 20161030_100128precast lift towers sections are being stacked, one on top each other. These new tower sections were precast by Cianbro at the port authority terminal, placed on barges and are being set by a state-of-the-art 300 ton Manitowoc crane. Once they are all in place, they will comprise the 4 lift towers that will raise the lift span to accommodate ocean vessels, which travel up the river to many of the fuel storage terminals and bulk product facilities.

Designed by Figg Engineering, this bridge is very unique, and is the first of this type in North America. It will be able to handle commercial and pedestrian vehicle traffic, rail line, while accommodating commercial and pleasure boat traffic. The recent opening of the new “wider” lock on the Panama Canal will change the size and beam (width) of the entire world commercial cargo fleet. This structure was designed to handle the next generation of larger vessels, and will give the port a competitive edge, over other harbors that have width and height bridge restrictions. By placing the bridge 200’ up river, the structure is now in proper alignment with the natural river channel, and is 60’ wider than the old lift span.

Our coverage of this project has been a pure team effort. A.H. Harris Account Managers, Tad Spiller & Bruce Rolston have tag-teamed to pic111provide the highest level of field service. We partnered with key vendors like EuclidDayton & Sika to maximize our opportunities. We have provided Cianbro with off-site product storage, while the Portsmouth team has provided outstanding quick response service; including many “emergency” rebar fabrication orders that were turned around within hours.

This “one of a kind” project is on schedule with an anticipated opening of September 2017, and final completion in February 2018.



MGM Casino

For the first time in recent memory there is a Tower crane hovering above the Springfield, MA skyline! The long awaited MGM Casino is under construction and the Chicopee, MA branch is poised and ready to capture every sales opportunity that presents itself. Situated less than 10 miles from the site, Chicopee is perfectly positioned to service this high profile project with prompt deliveries and will call inventory.

Utilizing relationships formed with key personnel on the project, Account Manager Norm Sholtis was able to schedule a meeting with the General Contractor, Tishman, and get a sneak peak at the drawings to determine what opportunities were ahead, and discuss the construction schedule.img_3860img_3863

Phase 1 of the MGM project was the construction of a 3,000 space precast parking garage to be built by Federal Concrete. Once again, a relationship with the project superintendent proved to be valuable as Norm and Chicopee Branch Manager Mike Bednarz were able to discuss the contractors needs early on in the construction cycle. The plans on the garage called for significant low wall form work and pier caps. Mike ramped up inventory on pencil rod and other job built forming accessories needed to meet the contractors demands.

Construction on the MGM Casino building began in July. S&F Concrete was awarded the 225,000 sf slab on grade building with a schedule that the superintendent admitted would be a “bear to meet.” Once again, “Team Chicopee” brainstormed on what materials had to inventoried, and committed to prompt deliveries in order to meet the customer needs and surpass their expectations. Chicopee was determined to not “over promise” and “under deliver.”

Relationships, customer service, and a willingness to go “above and beyond” each and everyday made this ongoing project a success with many more opportunities still to come.

“People, pride, and passion.” On display at the MGM Casino in Springfield, MA.



Trinity Stadium Renovation

It was 1916, that Trinity Stadium, home of the Haverhill High School Athletic Programs in Haverhill, MA was built. It is only fitting that Aulson LLC of Methuen MA partnered with A.H. Harris, also originated in 1916, to provide materials and services for this project. The scope of work on the renovation includes; demolition, full and partial depth, horizontal and vertical concrete repair, site work and vertical and horizontal waterproof coatings.

Aulson LLC under the direction of Project Manager Craig Roy and Project Superintendent, Justin Shook provided a multifaceted approach to this project. Utilizing their hydro-demolition, concrete construction, shotcrete and coatings crews, Aulson was able to move the project forward in spite of some engineering and logistic delays. Having the variety of talent as part of the company’s team approach eliminated delays often times a result of sub contractor scheduling.20161025_085204-1.jpg

The partnership with A.H. Harris was a key ingredient to meeting the schedule. Our commitment to the industry for 100 years has resulted in a level of service, industry know-how and product offering that is second to none. We too have a multifaceted approach to getting the job done. One call to A.H. Harris mobilizes a network of 642 industry professionals with an average tenure of 8 years. There is no equal!

At Trinity Stadium the Harris Team or Trinity (A.H. Harris, HarmacKenseal) serviced the project. A.H. Harris in tandem with HarMac provided over 24 tons of reinforcing along with shop drawings. We were quickly able to address the inevitable changes in elevation and scope of work our team was able to promptly turn around revisions; eliminating delays.20161012_085920-1.jpg

Our  A.H. Harris Forming and Shoring group provided over 1,000 sf of shoring from 17’ to 33’ heights as well as engineering and drawings. The FSD team also provided over 3,000 sf of form rental with layout drawings. Relying on our know-how and vast product knowledge, we brought Shelter Enterprises into the equation and provided approximately 1,000 cubic ft of custom geofoam blocks with a finish plywood face. In the areas of full depth repair, the Shelter Enterprises blocks were used to create the bottom side of the stadium seating profile. These blocks saved time and money eliminating hours of job built forming, lumber, and the costs associated with each.

But wait there’s more! With the Division 7 Waterproofing materials addition the Kenseal team brings to A.H. Harris Team, we are finishing the project with sealants, deck coating and vertical wall coatings.

The A.H. Harris team was able to service this project by utilizing 5 different locations. We have provided 58 different products giving Craig and Justin the confidence to make Just One Call. 


Customer Project Spotlight with Lithko – Cranbury Station Park, NJ

[Guest blog post by Lithko Contracting LLC]


Cranbury Station Park is one of the largest industrial real estate developments in New Jersey. Located on Exit 8A’s last large-block parcels of land, it provides easy access to millions of consumers. Lithko completed the concrete construction on the first 900,000 square foot tilt up distribution center in this park in 2015. Due to the success of this project, Alston Construction selected Lithko to provide the concrete services on the second build to suite distribution center at Cranbury Station. Lithko installed the 36 feet clear foundations, 8 inch thick slab on grade, 10 inch thick insulated tilt up panels, and site concrete paving.


The drawings were not complete at the start of the project. Utilizing our detailed planning processesand coordination with Meadow BurkeThermomass, and A.H. Harris, we were able to adapt and successfully handle all of the drawing changes for the insulated tilt up panels. Harris provided all of the lifting and bracing inserts. Their tilt up construction expertise and their ability to adjust to the design updates had a significant impact on the outcome of this project.


Realated: Learn more about Tilt-Up Construction with Harris.

Despite the inclement weather and the drawing revisions, the project team was able to successfully complete the concrete construction, including the successful erection of 112 tilt up insulated panels in four months.

IMG_4471.jpg IMG_4512.jpg

From Harris Account Manager Joe Giere: Keith Varga handled the office business from Lithko in PA and I took care of the jobsite in NJ. We rented braces and HP forms and supplied all the lifting and brace inserts from Meadow Burke. We supplied Glu Down and some misc. items. We’ve done demos on site with our partners at MBW, Glu down, Wagman and CTS Rapidset. Large jobs like this one get us excited, because Harris can supply materials for nearly all parts of the project. From geotextiles to foundation in the earlier stages, reinforced concrete (forming, shoring and til-up, precast in some instances) to waterproofing up the walls, insulation, site work solutions and safety gear, Harris has it. Lithko has been a long term partner of ours and is one of the most respected contractors out there. Always a pleasure to work with!  

About Lithko: Lithko Contracting, LLC is a full-service concrete contracting company with a unique local service model designed to keep co-workers close to home and support career growth. Lithko was formed in the early 1990s by a group of commercial concrete construction professionals who had grown weary of the constant travel their jobs required, and the strain that travel put on their families. To support growth without the excessive travel, they targeted their work to middle-market projects and focused on opening additional locations. In the early 2000s, the company expanded its leadership team and further developed the business model. Today, Lithko operates more than 13 business units within the U.S., with plans to open many more. Make sure to check them out onInstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedIn & their website

If you are an existing Harris customer and are interested in a feature, please reach out. We would love to showcase your work and highlight our partnership. You can contact us via email, give us a call, connect via online chat or social media. Thank you.

A.H. Harris Partners with Reed & Reed

[By Michael Griffin & Tad Spiller]

The A.H. Harris team is proud to be recognized as the supplier of choice to Reed & Reed Inc. on the Bath Viaduct project. MaineDOT recently awarded Reed & Reed the $13.75 million contract to replace the West Approach Bridge in Bath. The bridge carries RT-1 traffic through Bath onto the Sagadahoc Bridge over the Kennebec River. Work includes the demolition of the old 1200 LF viaduct superstructure and 19 pier shafts. 19 new cast-in-place concrete pier shafts will be constructed on the existing footings. Precast concrete pier caps, weighing 60 tons, will be erected and grouted in place. The new superstructure consists of 80 precast concrete beams, weighing 50 tons each. Closures between beams will be made using Ultra-High-Performance Concrete, with strengths of 20,000 PSI.  The wearing surface will be membrane and pavement.

Originally expected to wrap up by Memorial Day, reconstruction of the viaduct could conclude about two weeks ahead of schedule. For the latest pictures of the project head over to and for a short clip check out WCSH6. The viaduct has served as a vital transportation link since its erection in 1958. In 2006, MaineDOT replaced the surface of the Viaduct in hopes of extending the life of the structure for ten years. Ten years later, MaineDOT is about to undertake the construction of a new Bath Viaduct that has been designed to last for 100 years. With 18,000 vehicles traveling across the Viaduct daily, minimizing disruption to motorists, businesses and residents is a top priority for MDOT.

According to their website, “Reed & Reed, Inc is one of northern New England’s largest and most versatile general contractors. Founded as a bridge building firm in 1928 by Captain Josiah W. Reed and his son Carlton Day Reed, the company has prospered under four generations of family leadership to build a long-standing reputation as one of Northern New England’s top heavy contractors.”

For many years, A.H. Harris and Reed & Reed have partnered on Bridge, Wind, & Hydro Projects. In fact, the Bath Viaduct is an excellent illustration of Reed’s “Partnering Initiatives” demonstrated by taking part with MaineDOT  in the design of the Viaduct replacement prior to award of the project. This effort established a cooperative effort from day one, bringing the project at this point, ahead of schedule, focused on safety, and orchestrated with precision.  Harris’ role as supplier of choice to Reed & Reed is based on trust and reliability. Daryl Harvey and team out of the Harris Augusta, ME branch provide quality and consistency for every need that Reed & Reed has on every project. (related: Harris Road & Bridge Solutions)

[Sources: Reed & Reed,, A.H. Harris]


Paging Dr. Kenseal: Clio Medical Center Waterproofed

Wellness is a core component of Kenseal’s culture. Whether it be our internal wellness program or our contributions to buildings dedicated to wellbeing, we strive to support healthy lifestyles in the communities in which we live and work. Recently Kenseal had the opportunity to support the construction of the Clio Medical Center: a new “micro-hospital” that will offer discounted surgeries with the same level of expertise expected from local health care facilities. While a bit smaller (35-beds as opposed to the nearby 328-bed hospital), Clio still projects performing near “2,000 operations in Lancaster during its first year”. Clio CEO Joseph Frank predicts, “this is going to have a pretty dramatic impact on health care.”

To support this project, Kenseal supplied Henry Airbloc 31, a flexible, mold-resistant, rubberized membrane that can be applied to a variety of surfaces and withstand a wide range of temperatures, as well as all of its accessories. Even though hospital conditions are rather consistent, this product will protect from weather damages, extreme conditions, and retains a tough exterior for the building. With a mighty product like this, this hospital will not have to fear inconsistent building protection or hard damages.

An important and ongoing project, the Clio Medical Center building needs to be safe and fully operational for the people in the area. So Kenseal was a sound choice to provide the best products and service possible to achieve these results.


A Capital Building for Capital One

When Capital One decided to create a massive community for their workers and clients, the company knew it would need top products and service. Building a building “that would accommodate [the] growth” of a multi-billion dollar company takes diligence, patience, and the superb customer service that one can expect from Kenseal.

Our advanced products for this project came from Dow Corning and are some of the most durable structural sealants in the United States.

Dow Corning 983 SGS and Dow Corning 795 are simple, strong application sealants that will protect the Capital One building from water and thermal damage.

The contractor that headed this project, Anthony King with Enclos, has partnered with us for the past fifteen years, saying that our services are exactly what he needs for every project. “I have nothing but good things to say about Kenseal…they do what they say and say what they do.”

Because sealing and glazing glass can be extensive and intricate, our knowledgeable staff is prepared and trained to provide expert advice on any design and/or weather challenges. The fact of the matter is that when someone builds the tallest office building in Northern Virginia, they will make sure they have the best products and service to complete the job. That’s why they choose Kenseal!

Improving the Environment for Education at Guilford Middle

When ground broke for the construction of the new Guilford Middle School in Greensboro, North Carolina, students were only dreaming of a new building to call their “home away from home”. The existing building, which has stood since 1987, had grown tired and in need of repairs. Now graduated student Santiago Garcia-Rico recalled that in the sixth grade building, “there were leaks…and cracks everywhere.”

Through Mecklenburg Restoration and Kenseal Construction Products, future students (whom Garcia-Rico reminds are lucky to enjoy this new building) won’t have to worry about this. Kenseal worked closely with Mecklenburg Restoration to offer exceptional service and supply them with some of the best materials in the industry to ensure moisture protection for the entire building, including:

BASF Enershield HP: “a one component fluid-applied vapor permeable air/ water-resistive barrier based on Silica Fortified Rubber chemistry”
BASF Enershield Fil: “A one-component, water-based block filler based on Silica Fortified Rubber TM chemistry”

BASF Enershield Sheathing 6” x 180’ rolls: “Reinforced non-woven polyester fabric designed for use with Enershield-HP or Enershield-I air/water-resistive barriers by BASF Corporation – Construction Systems”


Thanks to our products and services, the students of Guilford Middle will be able to focus on their education and success. We agree with principal Patrice Brown when she says that this new building will “give students a sense of pride…and what they deserve.” Go Tigers!