MEVA Imperial HD Clamp System

MEVA Systems feature feet and inch dimensions, flexible modular panel configuration, fast setup and takedown, high strength, moisture-proof facing material and a host of design features that give it real benefits in use. MEVA Imperial has the highest industry pour pressure rating (2,025 p.s.f.) that allows faster placement and lower labor costs. Its ALKUS composite form face produces a consistent, flat concrete finish and can be easily repaired or patched. The 12’ x 8’ panels reduce assembly and disassembly labor and produce less from joints, reducing joint remediation labor. There are no nuts and bolts required, only a hammer is needed. Watch a MEVA Imperial video on YouTube (courtesy of MEVA Germany).

MEVA Arcus Circular Formwork

Arcus is designed for circular structures such as parking deck ramps, wastewater basins, or sophisticated curved architectural elements. Arcus is steplessly adjustable for any radius from 9’ on, and can form circular, oval, ellipsoidal or snaking walls. Arcus pre-assembled standard panels with trapezoidal steel section beams provide the load-carrying system for resisting concrete pressures. The steel beams are galvanized for long-lasting corrosion protection. The radius is set at the site using an integrated spindle system. Arcus is height-extendable with different panel sizes.

MEVA Arcus at a glance:

  • True radius with variable adjustment
  • Adjustment range 9’ to flat orientation
  • Utilizes standard MEVA Imperial accessories
  • Easy panel to panel connection with MEVA panel clamp
  • Clamps to standard MEVA form panel

MEVA STB One Sided System

A single-sided wall makes specific technical demands on a formwork system. The MEVA support frame STB has often proved of value in numerous sophisticated projects to the limits of what is possible – even for extraordinary high walls. Unlike with double-sided formwork, here the total concrete pressure has to be transferred from the formwork via a support structure into an existing structure or the foundation. MEVA support frames solve this task safely and economically by anchoring the system into the foundation or floor slab. MEVA‘s support frames STB allow single-sided forming of walls with heights of more than 40’ (12 m) for: concreting against rock or soil, sheet piling, retaining walls, shafts and tunnels.

  • Modular sections
  • Adjustable heights from 4’-9’ to 40’-0”
  • Small footprint frame units
  • Fits standard width truck with no oversize load
  • Ideal for narrow width site conditions

MEVA KLK Climbing System

The KLK 230 is an efficient and economical climbing system, which allows for a high degree of adaptation to different building structures. It is designed to be strong enough to handle the loads resulting from concrete pressure and the dead weight of the formwork that is used. The climbing scaffold KLK 230 consists of a climbing bracket, wall strut, platform and guard railing. Bottom extensions are used to build secondary platforms. The KLK 230 features an excellent ability to adapt to the building structure. The climbing scaffold can be used as a working platform as well as a support platform for wall formwork. By using the formwork clamping fixture the formwork can be tilt back. When used in combination with the slide carriage, wall formwork and climbing scaffold can be transported as a unit. The carriage can be slid back which provides enough working space for cleaning and rebar installation. The sophisticated design of the KLK 230 guarantees considerable time saving and easy handling:

  • The suspension shoes permit easy attachment of the climbing scaffold
  • A large distance between the climbing brackets can be obtained by mounting additional steel or wood beams as support for the platform
  • The platform has an overall width of 7’-6” and provides sufficient working space even with the carriage slid back
  • The solid construction of the climbing brackets is suitable for formwork heights up to 23’-0”
  • Versatile bracket design
  • Can be used for work platform and roll-back applications
  • Large gang sections can be moved in one lift

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