Available exclusively at A.H. Harris, Harris TRUFORM™ is the next generation “swing latch” forming panel manufactured by our partner Steel Dog®. The attention to detail and precision means that TRUFORM™ panels latch up easily and consistently. With TRUFRORM™ your walls are more precise, whether you are latching up five panels or fifty. All come together in the most accurate plywood “swing latch” forming panel made:

  • 11 ply structural grade HDO Douglas fir plywood provides high strength and maximum durability
  • Entire panel is precision-machined on all four sides for unexcelled precision in width, length and squareness
  • Both the inside and outside edges are chamfered, for longer panel life and easier handling
  • Plywood panel corners rounded for greater resistance to abuse
  • All plywood edges sealed and strengthened with two coats of industrial epoxy paint for long life
  • High-strength steel panel bars, formed with extra deep reinforcement for greater strength
  • Rust resistant zinc plating on panel bars and fasteners

Contact your local Harris office for more information about how TRUFORM™ can make your forming projects easier, more cost effective and efficient. Our team of experts can help you from the first drawing to the last bucket of concrete. For over 60 years, A.H. Harris has been a leading supplier of vertical and horizontal formwork and shoring solutions for the entire construction industry.

Harris TruForm | Steel Dog

See an overview of all our solutions in our new Forming & Shoring Brochure and contact your local Harris if you have any questions.