Harris Steel Frame Shoring is designed and engineered for the maximum application and strength. Heavy duty shoring frames balance strength with versatility.

Shoring Frames

Heavy duty 10,000 lb. capacity Shoring Frames balance strength with versatility. Special features and accessories make them easier to use than other alternatives. We stock a large quantity of frames, cross braces and decking accessories.

Aluminum Joists and H20Wood Beams

The 6½” Aluminum Joist has an optimized strength-to-weight ratio. The aluminum design includes a nailing strip for fast attachment of conventional plywood decking. The H20 Wood Beam is a great cost saver and nearly as strong as the aluminum joist.

Post Shores

Harris Steel Frame ShoringIncreased spacing patterns for re-shoring are possible with the various post shores we stock. This reduces total equipment needs and the related labor costs. We offer a wide variety of post shores from steel to aluminum: Euro Prop 350, Euro Prop 550, HV Prop and Mega Shore Prop.

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