The Harris Fork Head System is the most economical shoring system for flat plate construction with standard floor to floor heights. The system consists of a prop, intermittent tripod stabilizers, fork heads and Harris H20 Girders. With only four components, the system is easy to learn and very fast to use. Set up is a snap with this fast and repetitive system. The fork head accommodates single or double wood beam combinations. The props can be positioned for use along flat walls or in tight corners.

Set-Up Procedures:

  1. Set the posts at the proper locations and attach tripods to stabilize the post shores.
  2. Place stringers into position.
  3. Place the joist beams from below.
  4. Place the deck plywood.

Stripping Procedures:

  1. Strike the Quick Release Pin to relieve form.
  2. Pressure on the system.
  3. Turn down the Post Shore Collar two complete turns.
  4. Lift out beams to remove plywood and post shores.

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