The Harris Aluminum Beam System is a strong, lightweight forming system offering outstanding versatility. It can be used for virtually any concrete forming application. Unlike some competitive products that may only be adequate for straight walls, our Harris Aluminum System can be adapted for corners, pilasters, core walls, curved walls and other forming configurations. The system uses aluminum beams that have a very high strength-to-weight ratio. Using the unique Beam Attachment Clamp, aluminum beams are connected with steel walers into a rigid, yet lightweight gangform system. This system also has a Transition Bracket for quick attachment to other forming systems, including Harris Ply. When the need arises, you can switch to other system components required for specific forming conditions. The Harris Aluminum System is ideal for the following applications:

  • Architectural Applications
  • High Form Pressure Applications
  • Limited Crane Capacity Applications

The HARRIS Aluminum Beam System is available in pre-assembled units, which will greatly reduce your field build up labor and make your forming project a success from day one.

Read more about the Aluminum Beam System and our other Solutions into our Harris Forming & Shoring Solutions Brochure or contact your local Harris team for any questions and advice.