Harris 1500

Our Harris 1500 Panel Formwork system is an industry leading concrete forming clamp system and contractor favorite. The application is easier, lighter and more versatile than its rivals. With our huge array of different sizes and high quality accessories, you can create almost any dimension easily vertically, or horizontally. After decades of distributing 3rd party forms, our engineers managed not only to combine the best aspects of other form systems, but also to solve some common problems along the way. Enable your teams to work faster and more efficient, schedule a live demo today. See, touch and test the system before you either rent or buy it for future jobs. The Harris 1500 frames and panels are made in the U.S. by A.H. Harris subsidiary HarMac in Maine and New Jersey. The steel parts are galvanized to ensure longevity. Our 1500 Clamp System is designed to be the most economical and versatile formwork system. The cutting edge accessories of this innovative Harris signature product are designed to reduce field labor and increase productivity. In addition, there is a strong focus on maintaining the highest safety standards. Talk to our team and outperform your competition.

Harris 1500 highlights:

  • Concrete forming system with modular design suitable for handset or gang form applications.
  • The only handset clamp system with five different panel heights
  • 1500 PSF – The highest handset pour rating in the world
  • No Top or Bottom

Harris 1500 panels come in 30 different sizes and can be combined vertically or horizontally to create almost any dimension. A full line of accessories and hardware makes configuring gangs and setting details quick and simple. A design so economical, that no additional hardware is required for transitioning from handset to crane set. Harris 1500 clamps eliminate the need for horizontal walers even when moving large gangs. The patented clamp only weighs 7 pounds (however as a gang form this is a variable number that starts around 10lbs and goes up to 12lbs fully dressed) and completely aligns the form with a few hammer strikes.

System Strength – Panels, clamps and ties are designed to withstand 1500 psf of concrete pressure! Harris 1500 panels are the strongest handset panels available in the world! The system is manufactured with 70ksi steel frames. Frames and accessories are all hot dipped galvanized to ensure a long service life. The unique corner casting protects the panel frame from jobsite abuse. The form face is nine ply ½” birch plywood with a plastic resin overlay on both sides to provide a high quality concrete finish and extended panel life.

Handset Capability – The Harris 1500 system only weighs between 8.25lbs and 12lbs, depending on the application. The panels quickly clamp together to create the fastest setting handset systems. System transitions from a hand set system to a gang form system instantly! No additional hardware is required to cycle formwork from placement to placement.

Imperial Dimensions – The Harris 1500 system is built in America for American projects! The imperial dimensions make field use a snap. In addition, the profile of the frame is outfitted with pry bar notches and punched to receive a 16D nail on the end rails of the system.

Panel Symmetry – Harris 1500 is the only handset clamp system that does not have a Top or Bottom! Panel orientation is not an issue with this revolutionary handset clamp system!

We produce our Harris 1500 Clamp System right here in the North East. Our manufacturing team employs state-of-the art roll forming equipment to produce the T Bolt Hat Section and Steel Frame Profile. These roll formed components are then set into precision jigs by the highly trained fabricators at our sister company, HarMac Rebar & Steel, and welded by computer guided robotic arms. After welding, the completed frames are measured and inspected to ensure they meet A.H. Harris’s precise standards. Frames for all Harris 1500 panels and many accessory components are hot dip galvanized to prevent rusting and ensure long service life. After galvanizing, frames are once again inspected before the plywood face is installed and the finished product is prepped and staged for shipment.

Please take a look at our Harris 1500 Brochure and Harris 1500 Photobook. You can also request a hands-on live demonstration or watch a brief Harris 1500 demo video. See for yourself why our 1500 system is a contractors favorite! Contact our forming and shoring specialists for technical details and more.