A.H. Harris has the experience to provide a unique package that combines standard components with custom engineering for even the biggest projects. Our customers include state DOT’s and some of the nation’s largest construction companies who rely on quality supply and timely delivery. Our solutions are used on bridge projects from Maine to Carolina. We rent and sell cost effective heavy equipment and can deliver DOT approved material right to your jobsite. Typical Road and Bridge jobs include a mix of the below product groups. Contact your local A.H. Harris for details and assistance or give us a call on our toll free number (844) AHH-1916. We also highly recommend you grab a copy of our latest product catalog at any of our 40 Harris locations or request a free copy today.

  • Forming & Shoring Systems
  • Construction Chemicals
  • Geotextile Fabrics
  • Erosion Control
  • Decorative Concrete Accessories
  • Concrete Reinforcing
  • Bridge Joints & Bearing Pads
  • Pavement and bridge deck supplies
  • Precast supplies

road and bridge illustration

  1. Harris Forming Systems / Concrete forming: HARRIS 1500â„¢ | Ischebeck | Harris Steel forms | Harris Mega Shore | Meva Imperial | Heavy HD Shoring | Harris XPS-60 | Harris Ply | Harris Fascia overhang bracket | Median barrier form Job | built forming accessories
  2. Concrete Paving: Dowel baskets | Load transfer assembly | Metal Keyway | Dowel bar retro fit | Heavy duty paving forms | DOT approved chemicals
  3. Construction Chemicals: Membrane waterproofing | Coatings | Curing compound | Deck sealer Keyway grout | Bonding compounds | Anchoring | Form release | Corrosion inhibitors | Joint sealing compound | Epoxy mortar | Bituminous damproofing
  4. Geotextile Fabrics: Woven Fabrics | Non-woven Fabrics | Hi-strength Geogrids | Geo foam
  5. Decorative Concrete: Form liners | Stamps | Integral color | Rustication strip | ADA tiles
  6. Erosion Control: Excelsior blankets | Straw blankets | Permanent turf reinforcing blanket | Check dams | Silt fence
  7. Concrete Reinforcing: Dowel Bar substitution | Welded rebar cages | Welded wire mesh | Bar supports
  8. Concrete Tools & Accessories: Concrete vibrator | Tools Rollers | Trowels Fabricated rebar | Structural Mesh | Caissons
  9. Concrete Repair & Restoration: Vertical and overhead patching | Shotcrete | Corrosion inhibitors | Roadway patching | Brushes | Vibrator Screeds | Safety Equipment & Supplies
  10. Bridge Joints & Bearing Pads