One Team – Our Team

[By Kimberly Corwin, President & CEO]

Each year we select a thematic goal that represents our primary mission and focus. I feel that this is important to make sure every person on our team is rowing in the same direction. This year that goal is One Team – Our Team.

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Over the years we have built an amazing company. In 2016 we were fortunate enough to add Kenseal to that team. We now have 6 Regions, 52 locations and over 670 Associates.  As you grow, it becomes even more important to remember your roots and what has gotten you to the next level.

At A.H. Harris, I believe that is our culture – Harris Pride.

Corporate Culture is an umbrella term for the shared practices and values of a company’s associates. The corporate culture guides how we act, feel, and think. The culture is also the social and psychological environment of an organization.  It symbolizes the unique personality of a company and expresses the core values, ethics, behaviors, and beliefs of an organization.

We recently “gathered the pride” at our Annual Company Summit in Hershey, PA. This event requires a lot of planning and a strong attention to detail. The Summit is only possible because of our fantastic vendor partners, who support the event through a 3 hour expo during the day. It was the first large scale event since Kenseal joined our team, and a lot of associates had not yet met their Harris, HarMac, and Kenseal counterparts. It was an opportunity to step outside our roles, our departments, our regions, break down those invisible barriers that exist and more importantly break bread together. This event is our opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of 2016 and roll out the initiatives of 2017.

As I drove home from the Summit on Saturday, I was simultaneously exhausted and exhilarated. The event was monumental.  Not just because it was our largest one ever, or because many people braved Winter Storm Niko to be there, but rather because the Pride was stronger than ever before. The teams bonded, shared laughs, and celebrated together. We set the foundation for a fantastic year in 2017.  We gelled as a team. A team that will work together and help where necessary.A team that doesn’t focus on who gets credit because we win together. We are stronger together.We are better together.

The event reaffirmed my belief on what makes a great organization – it’s the culture and that is driven by the people.

One team – Our Team.

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