Take 5!

[By Jennifer Vedrani]

This month kicked off our first companywide wellness campaign. Our first challenge has our associates moving! The “Take 5” challenge is a 4-week event and a very simple way for each of us to make time doing something that will benefit our overall wellness. The focus is to take 1 minute out of each day to do something for yourself. This could be exercise, meal planning, a random act of kindness, you name it! The only rule is that you focus on doing something that will positively impact your mood and/or health.

This week, I decided to carve out time to achieve a variety of exercises. I selected a few activities that could be accomplished within the week. A few of the exercises encouraged are: 1 set of squats, a random act of kindness (I gave out a blessing bag on my way to work to a person in need) and connecting with a dear friend. The best part? When my family saw me, they asked to join and now the whole household is taking 5. Watching my 3-year-old do squats was as funny as watching a comedy, but it was so much better for my health!

We all deserve to “take 5” for our health, yet sometimes that is hard to do. Our wellness initiative for 2017 incorporates many different activities into our lives, but it’s also designed to remind us all to celebrate the victories, make time for loved ones, strengthen your body and share the fun and benefits with your family and friends. Encourage those around you to make time to take 5 for themselves, they deserve it!


Hear it from our associates themselves on their Wellness journey!

“I have found it easy to maintain my Goal of 75 minutes of Cardio weekly, The daily and weekly tip’s have assisted me in making healthy lifestyle choices. “-James Duncan, Sales and Operations Coordinator


“I have always considered myself to be in good shape. But once I started tracking things I realized my activity was inconsistent. I try and eat well and after losing almost 30 pounds several years ago, I stick to a strict nutrition plan. Well usually anyway. I have began to see the benefit of regular activity like walking, biking and lifting weights. This has brought me a better level of health and wellness.”-Allyn Bonney, Inside Sales


“After tearing my ACL, MCL, and meniscus last May. It was easy to pack on some extra weight. The tracker has been an awesome way to keep myself motivated and focused to get back to where I was. Very excited to finally be running again, and playing sports with friends.”-James Clark, Outside Sales​

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