Better Together in New Haven, CT

[By Liam McGowan]

It has been 3 months since the Kenseal West Haven team joined forces with our New Haven, CT A.H. Harris crew. Todd Gregory, Liam Mcgowan, Rick Turcotte, John Ryan, and John Shugrue have been great additions to the New Haven, CT team. From new products to new computer systems, the team has worked diligently to make this move a success!

The Move-

Thanks to the combined efforts of four company trucks and Harris and Kenseal team members from West Haven and New Haven the team moved $668,000 of inventory, 80 warehouse transfers, equipment, furniture, office supplies and 30 years of dust in just 8 days during year end inventories.


Entering and moving new inventory accurately to the New Haven location and updating our computer systems to accommodate the new material was a great challenge. The Harris and Kenseal teams joined together to overcome these hurdles. They worked side-by-side to better understand the products (what products are for what applications and how they go together), to accurately enter new codes into the computer system, to create new bin location set ups and to decide where to stock certain products for ease of access. This is still a work in progress, but the team is pushing forward and making great strides!


Bringing two great teams together to make one great team has many advantages. A huge stocking facility with multiple delivery vehicles and a giant store and showroom are just two of the many benefits. What will make us even better is not only how we plan to integrate with each other’s products and systems, but also one another. We have the most talented team and as we learn from each other’s strengths to help our weaknesses, we will continue to grow and have One Great Team, our New Haven Team –  that is an advantage our competitors do not have, but our customers will truly appreciate.


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